Haven't made a scoop in a casino? Get a 10 dollar tattoo in Las Vegas

There's no use to be a millionaire to create a high-quality tattoo – Las Vegas offers 10 dollar tattoos too!

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10 Dollar Tattoo in Las Vegas
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Where to search for a great artist?

If you haven't decided yet whom to confide creating a piece of art out of your body, go online. All specialists have their Instagram accounts in which you can look at the works. More serious and experienced artists even have a website with a price list and contact information.

We don't recommend you entering the first available door with a sign "$10 tattoos Vegas". Just because artists are travelling from shop to shop and offering their services in different places. For example, Dotty Ginger.

Does Dotty Ginger create for $10 only?

  • Discounts on some designs. For example, a tiny tattoo 1,5*1,5 inch cost $100, and now its price is only $79.
  • If Dotty need more time to finish the design, extra time is free.
  • You can fill in a convenient budget beforehand in a special form on the site, so Dotty will find a suitable solution for you according to the money.
If you open the website, you'll see how many budget options are offered.

What you will get for this sum 79$?

Dotty is client-oriented, that's why you'll get an appointment when it's comfortable for you. Also, before the 1st session you'll discuss the details on phone. And when you start, there'll be no disappointments.
  • The artist works using expensive equipment;
  • The lines are smooth and no quivering;
  • Before start, all equipment is perfectly disinfected;
  • You'll get an individual sketch, no Google pics;
  • Dotty has a degree in art studies, so the result will impress even your conversant friends.
So, if you dream about ten dollar tattoos in Las Vegas – now you know where to make this dream come true.