Hello, everyone from Nevada !
I have a guest spot in Las Vegas.
I have amazing deal for beautiful women
Crazy PMU PRICES right now!
Eyebrow - $700 $350, lips $600 $300, arrows $700 $350
inter-eyelash $500 $250, 2 procedure - $1200 $600
Also I work in graphic style tattoo: $800
$500 per session (5-8 hours)

This is a great chance to get good quality at a bargain price.
I'm work with the owner of private licensed tattoo shop in Vegas.
Leave a request on the site and I will contact you.
I do cover ups as well.
To confirm your reservation $100 non-refundable (any reason) deposit is required for booking.
nastasia's work
You can fill out the pre-registration form. You can leave only your contacts - I will contact you within 24-72 hours to discuss the details.