Angel neck tattoo - still relevant or not fashionable?

An angel is one of the most universal symbols among tattoos. The variety of these images is amazing, and you can find him in any, even the most frightening style. However, there are certain stereotypes associated with the location of the symbol on the body. We will now try to reveal this topic in more detail.
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What style is it better to make an angel sketch in?

With the development of tattoo art, many styles have appeared where an angel looks interesting and unusual. However, we do not recommend trying to make this picture in steampunk style, for example. It is better to adhere to traditional subtlety and lightness.
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Angel tattoo on the different parts of a body

There are many places you can make such sketch. We have just gathered the most popular parts and plots. They are here:

1. Angel whispering in your ear

Such pictures were the most common in the early 2000s. Then the fashion for them passed for a short while, and now has returned again. Based on the religious context, the symbol is always perceived as a wise adviser who protects a person from wrong and unnecessary actions. Therefore, the whispering of an patron into an ear is a way to provide the confidence that you are doing everything right. But today, an angel rarely carries any religious connotation. It is rather the personification of love, strength, recovery and wisdom. Some people, however, prefer to have two tattoos in the form of a patron on one side and a devil on the other. This image is more popular among guys than girls.

2. Angel wings on the back of neck.

These tattoos are always a sign of lightness and freedom. In European culture, wings are perceived as regenerative. But large wings are quite difficult to hide, so people prefer a small sketch. The sacred meaning of such a picture on the neck is that the wings are usually not visible, but the person always knows that they are behind. It helps to realize that you can always find the strength to overcome any obstacles.

3. An adviser on the shoulders.

The angel on the shoulder is a good friend and ally. At least that's what the most people think. Being on your shoulder, he always clearly sees what is happening to you and head your hand in a right direction.

So, there are too many kinds of such sketches. Some of them look boring, bot the others don't. You'd better to choose a good tattoo master to make a perfect sketch. Dotty Ginger, by the way, knows exactly how to make such a common sketch unique, you just need to call!