Tattoo on lower stomach - vulgar or not?

Let's start with the fact that for many people who do not have tattoos, their very presence is already considered vulgar. But if you decide to have a sketch on the body at all, then you are likely far from prejudice and following someone else's opinion. A female tattoo in the lower abdomen always attracts attention in a special, intimate setting. In this place, the tattoo is much more noticeable than on the back, in addition, the girl can constantly monitor the state and look of this place herself. So, there are almost no negative sides.
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tattoo las vegas rose on stomach

Almost is not considered. What are the negative sides?

  1. The main disadvantage is that the tattoo area is rather painful, sometimes girls need local anesthesia.
  2. Another disadvantage is the possibility of damage to the appearance of the sketch during pregnancy. However, it is automatically corrected after childbirth and the necessary figure correction. The skin on the abdomen again becomes elastic and thin, which means that the tattoo will again return to its previous form.
  3. Yes, that means girls would better to take care of their press state so that the flower on stomach doesn't turn into shapeless fries.
However, if you are decisive and confident in your lifestyle, then all these points are unlikely to stop you.

What are the most popular tattoo designs on the stomach side?

The first line in the hit parade, of course, is busy with roses. This flower in different execution techniques anyway attracts attention. There are a lot of designs, but rose itself has a rather universal form, so you shouldn't really doubt its relevance. In addition, this flower is semantically rightly associated with the lower abdomen. (he-he)

Another popular flower on the stomach is a sunflower. It is usually performed not in the lower part, but rather in the upper one or even on chest. And, of course, the main difference between this sketch is that, unlike a rose, it is rarely performed in black and white style. Girls prefer to see a bright yellow sunflower on their body.

Another popular flower on the stomach is a lily. Lily has an excellent semantic meaning - wisdom, peace, persistence. In addition, it is a really beautiful plant as well as a rose. All this makes it another possible option for sketch even in the most intimate places.

However, the variety of flowers doesn't finish with a rose, sunflower or lily. Cornflowers, less commonly daisies and fictional inflorescences, are also popular. In the arsenal of Dotty Ginger, there are already many tattoos on this topic. Look at our portfolio, and then sign up for the first meeting, where Dotty will tell you how to choose the right tattoo on in such place.

Tattoo Las Vegas lily on stomach
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