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Our new patented Black Nitrile formula is the most scientifically advanced nitrile glove in the Tattoo Industry. Unrivaled protection 1.5 AQL, Near Zero resistance, Incredible comfort, and a textured surface with unbelievable tactile sensitivity.
  • Patented Ultra Elastic Black Nitrile Formula
  • Near Zero Resistance to your hands, reduced hand fatigue over long hours
  • Textured surface for greater grip and tactile sensitivity
  • Smaller box size reduces shipping cost
  • Extreme elasticity unlike other nitrile
tattoo cover-up owl
Excellent! Nice stretch, comfortable, and the least sweaty glove I've ever worn. Easy to wear for up to 2 hours at work if I'm really busy. Recommend!
I use them at work in the clinical laboratory.
Kat the gypsy
I've used many brands of tattoo specific gloves in the past. These are far superior (medical grade) at an affordable cost, not to mention the company has great customer service.
Drew Hill
I must admit I was quite skeptical that these gloves would be any better then the nitriles I was currently using... but I was pleasantly surprised. Not only are they way more flexible (stretchy) but they also have way more tactile sensitivity than nitrile... bordering on the feel you get from latex.
Matthew Kramer
Best gloves by far. Easy to get on even if your hands are sweaty. Super comfortable for tattooing long projects!
Mr. Brian Warnekros
Best tattoo gloves in the market! I highly recommend! Perfect customer service! You can't beat the quality!
Black works gloves are great. Will be ordering them again for sure. Only ones I will use now.
I've used different brands of Latex and Nitrile gloves and am Sooo glad I gave these Blackwork Chloroprene gloves a try because I'll Definitely never switch back to the others!!! The Chloroprene Have the best of both worlds from the latex and and nitrile but without any of the Negatives!!! *Hands Down 5 Stars*
JD Sandoval
Like the other reviews, they have an great stretch, don't cling or make your hands sweaty. I like them as latex gloves dry out my hands after wearing so many a day. These are super comfortable and they have grip unlike some nitrite I've used before. Perfect for piercings. Definitely ordering more soon.
I've been tattooing for 8 years and I was a piercer for about 12... I have used at least 15 brands of gloves over the years...and these chloroprene gloves are absolutely amazing. More stretch, no weird cling to my fingers, no sweaty hands, comfortable, slip free...
These gloves are badass. Great fit for sure, superior sense of feeling, and feel sometimes like they aren't even ON your hands. What I hoped for, and expected. I'll grab another case next year!