Butterfly leg tattoo - boring or inspiring?

These sketch is one of the few characters that do not lose their popularity day by day. Such tattoos have always been loved by girls of all ages and styles. Now 3D graphics can turn so trivial sketch into a unique one that only you will have. Despite the fact that the butterfly is associated with elegance and lightness, it also means independence and spontaneity. Therefore, this multifaceted character will perfectly suit almost every woman. Actually, this insect in different cultures has different semantic meaning. For example, in European culture, this means rebirth and a free soul. In Eastern philosophy, it means femininity and charm. Perhaps that is why such a sketch is most often chosen by girls.
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Why a butterfly is a good choice for your lower leg tattoo?

Of course, there are many places where we can find this kind of sketch. But female legs always attract a lot of attention. And with a tattoo - especially. Butterfly is one of the most universal picture. It is suitable for almost everyone. You can place it on the back of your calf to catch men eye when you turn your back on the audience or on the lower part of your leg to see it yourself. So this insect visually gives your feet a lightness and confidence. In addition, the design of such picture is not limited. Your insect can be executed in any possible style: from steampunk to minimalism. So, this insect will definitely look great on your foot.
tattoo las vegas Butterfly on a shoulder

I want a butterfly, but I cannot choose a design

As we said, there are too many options for such a tattoo. The choice is too wide to be sure of it. But you sketch mustn't be boring, so we suggest you turn to modern art styles that promise to remain popular for a long time or have already been tested by time.

1. 3D color kind. - This option certainly comes first. Almost any 3D-style drawing automatically becomes attractive. And it can become even a piece of art on your foot or lower leg, because it may look like you put on your body a real jungle butterfly from the Amazon Valley.

2. Black and white colored. This tattoo also does not go out of fashion. Black and white sketches are always versatile and look elegant.

3. A chain of butterflies along the feet and lower legs. This is a common method of painting: not just insect, but a flock of them flying along your body. In color, a tattoo looks especially unusual.

There are many other types and tips for how a butterfly should look like if we want to place it on our body. Anyway, a good tattoo artist like Dottie Ginger can turn such a common sketch into a unique one. And your tattoo will please the eye for a long time!

A butterfly on a man's leg - is it normal?

This is normal if he likes it. All tattoo artists advise not to follow to stereotypes and not to divide sketches into female and male. Otherwise, you can get a pattern that you quickly get tired of. In addition, the butterfly can be depicted in any style, even steampunk. So, it doesn't matter whether you are a man or a woman. If this insect is your symbol, no one can stop you!