Want to get a cool finger tattoo? We have some cool ideas!

In general, fingers are a rather specific part of body for tattooing. Skin area here is quite small, so it can only accommodate a small pattern. Most often, this area is chosen by lovers of hip-hop and rap culture. Symbols can be very diverse, but most often they are letters. For example, rappers stuff their creative pseudonyms on their fingers. Another common idea is a circular sketch like a ring or a semi-glove. Couples stuff tattoos on their skin instead of wedding rings in the form of each other's names or an infinity sign. Some people prefer to hide scars and defects on their palms by this way. So, the sketches are suitable not only for men, but also for girls.
Tattoo Las Vegas fingers

Symbols on fingers - how not to turn an idea into a prison style?

Story has developed so that such tattoos came to us from two opposite situations:

  1. Military symbols. Soldiers used to mark this area to designate their data: name, unit and other important information, thanks to which they can be identified if necessary.
  2. In prisons, fingers were also used to display important information. For example, by tattoos, one could learn about the former places of detention of a prisoner, his status and significance in the criminal world.
All this makes palms not the most common place to put tattoos. However, stereotypes are gradually being erased and experienced masters like Dottie Ginger are sure that any sketch can be made unique if you create its design correctly. For example, it's not recommended to use large numbers in the sketch, as this is very similar to some serial number and causes incorrect associations. Also, do not make a picture in a form of ring if it's not an engagement one. Tattoos look very interesting, as if they are inside the palm. They always quietly attract attention to your hands and at the same time never cause bad associations.
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What tattoo designs fit for guys the most?

Here no one will tell you anything specific. It all depends on what style you like. We can only talk about some the most popular. For example, minimalism penetrates all the cracks in modern life, so a black and white small drawing on outer or inner side of your palm will be a win-win option. Another popular way is a continuation of an existing picture on your palm or forearm. Owners of tattooed sleeves often prefer to fully finish the sketch in fingers area. One more interesting way is to get a sketch between fingers. So, you can not only save some meaningful information, but also easily hide the presence of any symbol. This option is quite popular among girls.

In general, finger tattoos are fairly simple. But they require a hand of an experienced artist, since the application area is quite small. And if you're ready to get a sketch on this part of your body - Dotty is always in touch.