Matching tattoo for best friends: how not to be mistaken?

This tattoo type is common among men and women who know that their best friend is. Although, men often choose something small and matching, when girls are likely aimed at having something unique and individual like special quotes or flowers on their bodies.

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Yes, Guys do not often choose sentimental signs, such as an infinity symbol on a wrist. But they are happy to choose a little image of SpongeBob or Patrick watching TV. However, the cementing the best friends' relationships with small tattoos is one of the most amazing ways of self-expressing. Therefore, tattoo artists advise not to use standard solutions but find unique symbols. In this article, we will look at a few examples.
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Common rules and simple tips on matching tattoo

Firstly, we need to understand that even a little matching sketch for two or even three people is a rather risky step because we cannot be sure about tomorrow. However, people prefer not to think about it. Having decided on a small common tattoo, people begin to choose an image that will suit them. So, sometimes friendship is based on difficult times when best friends needed each other's help. And other times, the cartoons or parties of elite alcohol became a connecting symbol. So, your sketch should be treated with caution.

One way or another, Dotty Ginger gives some small simple tips on how to choose a matching tattoo and not make a mistake with it.

1. First, you should make sure that a style you choose suits everyone. For example, you two decide to stay in some funny style, but one leads a serious office life and cannot afford this tattoo kind. First is necessary to choose something suitable for both. Best friends should understand their positions and life way of each other.

2. The next important point is your place for sketching. The most common tattooing place is forearm. But we can go a more sophisticated path and choose the same place for everyone. You should consider this small, but important point in advance.

3. It's better to create an individual simple sketch. We think, it's best to have a tattoo that looks solid even when you are far apart. So, it is not recommended to make only the half of drawing on one hand and the other half on another, because without each other they will look unfinished.

4. Another small but important detail concerns everyone: get a sketch from one master! Yes, you may be surprised, but there are situations when people live far from each other but decide to strengthen their friendship in such way. They are looking for a tattoo maker in their own cities and do something based only on a tiny photograph in Viber. But matching sketches are best done with the same hand. So, visit the only master. Moreover, this is just another reason to meet!

Cool examples of finger and forearm tattoos for male or female best friends

Why are these zones? Firstly, it's quite simple to make here. And not too painful.

The number of ideas on such a request on the Internet goes through the roof. There are simple minimalist sketches or deep difficult images. Choice will depend on many small but significant factors, but the main thing remains – your best friendship. So, with such a tattoo you needn't cross the line between love and fun.

If you are more than two best mates, you need to think about something exclusive that unites you. It can be a simple love for one movie or even one girl. We met three guys, each wearing a tiny Jedi sword between his fingers. Other super unusual company included 4 guys and just 1 girl. So, the boys were united with love for their mutual female-friend. So, everyone made a matching sketch in the form of one letter from her name on their hands. But their girlfriend had to fill four full names at once. But she did it very symbolically - in the form of bracelets on both wrists, as a sign of reliability and security.

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There were two guys who made images of a Donkey and Shrek on their forearms. So, when their sketches touched each other, we can see a matching picture of these heroes, gaily looking at each other. They said that cartoon showed their relationships as the best and the most comfortable even when they are already not young people.

Well, if you dislike so simple approach, it's possible to make the same image for two different people. This will make you and your best friend bearers of one sign, will set you apart from the crowd like one band or even family. Girls can use similar flowers images or some ethnic symbol, meaning friendship, support, confidence. Guys prefer to choose some less sentimental story.

All you need is to be sincere and honest with each other. Your common symbol will remain for many years, so make it unique and meaningful. Dotty often comes across such requests, so she got a hand in it. They will definitely help you determine what you want to make the best tattoo. Doubt? Call us!