A bit of history

As you know, the first patterns on head began to be used by peoples of Polynesia, in particular, the Maori tribe. With the help of such tiny or huge images, they displayed the history of their life, frightened enemies and ill-wishers. Time has passed, but small tattoos have become even more popular, so the face can also be used as a little canvas. However, there are several tiny but important nuances that you must understand before creating a sketch on your head at all.

Over the centuries, tattoos located on head had only two functional meanings: aesthetic - with their help, tribal leaders or honorable people demonstrated their status and position in society, it might also symbolize occupation, military successes; violent - tattoos were applied by force to faces of prisoners or slaves, and also used as a stigma, punishing criminals with them. This all is super-interesting information, but it's in the past. In our civilized world, a person who has an idea to make a sketch on his/her face simply causes conflicting emotions among others. Especially, it touches females, cos their faces are considered to be clean and clear.
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What nuances you should understand…

In the old days, a small tattoo on face served as a special mark, embodying a certain message, now every person has his own ideas for creating such a sketch and they are not always amenable to logical justification. It is worth noting that, in general, facial tattoos are popular today, gaining their popularity in the middle of the last century. The reason for re-wave is the existence of radical subcultures, for example, punks. Using tiny drawings on their heads, they demonstrated their spit in the face of society and generally accepted norms, showing their protest. In our modern world, tattoo owners on their heads do not try to make a big sacred meaning in a small sketch, but rather use such images as the most effective way to attract more attention. This solution works flawlessly because it is almost impossible not to notice a person with some symbols on his/her face. So, this is a great solution for courageous, creative and extraordinary people.

Important! Even a small sketch on your face is a crucial step for females as well as for male, so you need to approach it consciously, because it is difficult to get this sketch out, and often it leaves scars or unpleasant marks. When choosing a sketch, it is important to focus on your own preferences, but you should not expect support from others, because everyone has their own attitude toward such actions.

Tattoo ideas for male and female faces

Among girls, facial tattoos are usually tiny and cute. For example, in the form of a smiley or a flower over an eyebrow. Anyway, it means, girls prefer to make a little picture which is easy to hide with hair sometimes. Men often prefer a more brutal style. This is especially true for rappers who fill the letters of their stage name on own face in a corresponding font. However, the variety of options does not end there. This means that men and women are not limited in their choice. This is just a matter of aesthetics and your inner world.

Is it painful to make a tattoo on the face?

Before putting a picture on your body, many people wonder if it hurts to make such a picture. Probably any tattoo artist will not hesitate to say that it is not only very painful but also unsafe. In general, pain depends on individual tolerance, size of the sketch and mood of the future owner. Therefore, making a sketch on a face is painful, but pain can only be reduced with the help of confidence in your master's high qualifications. Pain level depends on your skin and its structure, for example, if a person has delicate, thin skin (most of the female have), then such procedure of applying a tattoo will be as complicated and painful as possible, and wounds will heal for a very long time, which can cause infections.