Family tree tattoo – deep or shallow?

A small family tree sketch is one of the most unusual symbols in modern tattoo art. Such examples are quite rare for a number of reasons. But in any case, if a man or woman decides to have a family tree on her/his body, and even uses names, this is undoubtedly a brave and respectable step.

You always want such a tattoo not only to have a deep meaning but also to have a decent look. Therefore, number of styles is traditionally not very large. The simplest tree for tattooing is oak because of its strength and long life. Although there are no laws in this art, and you can come up with any plot that suits you. In this article, we will just try to give some small advice and simple examples of how to grow a family tree on your body using paints and hands of a good artist.
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What about the most suitable places?

Traditionally, this sketch takes up a lot of space. Men often choose a back or forearms for this. Females, if they even decide to take such a step, are more likely to use their hands, chest, or thighs, as if personifying themselves with this tree itself. By the way, this is symbolic. A woman emphasizes her role in creating her family as a mother. Hips turn into a trunk, hands into branches, and a chest in thick of leaves among which some names of the people dear heart are hidden. This is just one of the possible (and I must admit, very unusual and brave) options for a sketch, but as a rule, much more prosaic ways are used.

1. Oak on arm.

Hands are the most common area for applying any kind of tattoo. And the family tree case is no exception. Will you use full sleeves or just your forearm for such a picture, it will be in place anyway.

Men want to give their hands even greater brutality and strength, so their sleeves are often emphasized by a deep black and white sketch. A family tree tattoo can go from arms to shoulders, from shoulders to neck, from neck to chest. But it can also occupy just a small place on inside of the forearm. One way or another, for men, rationality and meaningfulness of such a sketch are much more important than its sentimentality. Therefore, male variants of a family tree always look more minimalist than female ones.

2. Tattoo on thigh

A thigh is often a continuation of an existing sketch on body side. As an independent zone of applying a pattern, hips are rarely selected. The fact is that a family tree type of tattoo is customary to be proud of and shown to other people. But hips are not a simple access area. Therefore, men and women prefer more open parts of the body, such as arms, neck, back, and chest.

3. Wrist tattoo

Unexpectedly, but this small area can also be used as a canvas on this subject. Typically, here are a continuation of the forearm or full-sleeve tattoo. But the wrists are important cos it can be the root system of your tree, where fingers are very roots. This detailed sketching method gives the tattoo a complete and unique look.

What about styles?

3D realism, black and white graphics or ethnic motif - all these styles are most suitable for tattoos in a form of a family tree. Realism saves the picture from the dull uniformity of names, gives it content and volume even for a small sketch. So, your tattoo becomes not just a nominal display of family composition, but a unique 3D-picture with deep semantic meaning.

Black and white or color style is everyone's personal choice. We only recommend the use of deep and rich tones, because a faded tattoo does not please the eyes but also takes away the semantic significance of your family tree. Such tattoos should be carefully looked after and protected from external influences.

If you decide to use a color image, then give preference to the natural colors of a tree. Green, deep brown, yellow, black. In this sense, it is better not to show excessive creativity and pay tribute to the traditional image. It is also possible for females to use small flowers like sakura or cherry.

You also can not represent the whole tree, but use its individual parts, like leaves and branches. The interweaving of these details, among which the names of your family members, can be a great idea for a tattoo sleeve. In any case, such a sketch looks cool and rarely causes rejection of others. On the contrary, it can cause respect. So, along with the complexity in uniqueness, this is one of the most win-win plots.

The tree of life, as a separate type of tattoo

The tree of life is also popular sketch in related subjects. It, like the family one, is most often depicted on arms. For guys, this plot is also popular because it reflects their true masculine function - the ability to sow life. For females, it will mean wisdom and femininity. As we see, this plot is universal for both sexes.

We must say that such idea came from antiquity, when shamans of different tribes worshiped the divine principle of nature. Since then, a small image of a family tree has never been associated either with imprisonment (as it's often happened with other tattoos on shoulders and forearms), or with involvement in criminal structures, or with shameful stigmas.
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What about size?

The size of such a picture should depend on the place on your body where you want to make it. If you choose a rather big area like thighs or whole sleeves, make sure that your picture looks finished. That means, it is better to use the area of your hand as fully as possible. In addition, it will be easier to continue your sketch towards the shoulders and chest, if necessary.

If you choose a small drawing area on your hand, then try to make it as meaningful as possible so that the image does not seem dull and stupid. Use rich colors and 3D-graphics to give it volume and significance.

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