Hidden initial tattoo - what is necessary to know?

This type of sketch is either the distinguishing mark of a person himself/herself or the name of another important person. It carries some semantic meaning rather than an attempt to attract attention to this tattoo. Such symbols are generally invisible to outsiders and is important small hidden chip from the category "for ours." The only thing before you make the name of another person a small permanent part of your body - make sure that this person will forever remain a big permanent part of your life. That's true for guys as well as for girls. Although no one is sure what will happen tomorrow, we still advise you to make sure that you follow the dictates of your heart.

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How to choose the best place for such a cool sketch?

Let's start with that you need to understand, whose initials you are going to put on your body. If this is your own name, and for certain reasons you consider it important to create a hidden tattoo with it, then it is better to choose a hard-to-reach, but not the most intimate place. For example, the back of neck under the hair, the shoulder blade or the area between the fingers is quite suitable for such signs. It's popular way for guys. Another thing (and it's more spread among girls) is if you want to put the initials of another person on your body. It always looks very cute when people get a tattoo in the shape of their lover's name. And for this, they often choose intimate zones that are accessible only to the partner's eyes. For example, the lower abdomen, a small area under the chest (on the heart side) or the inside of the thigh. Some people also put a hidden tattoo behind the ear or around the collarbone. Anyway, such a cool sketch usually has small size and, look cute and is easy to hide.

You can also implement the initials in your existing tattoo. It is quite simple and unlikely to take much time and nobody will see the new symbols in the place of your old sketch, if you do not dare to show them yourself.

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What style the initial sketch can be?

There are a lot of styles and fonts. It's hard to choose when there are so many options around. If you already have tattoos, then it is best to do everything in the same style. But we think that if you'd like to make a small hidden name - it is better to choose a minimalist style with thin lines, so that it is clear that the letters are the letters, but not an awful bruise on your body. The initial small sketch, as a rule, is performed in black and white style and does not require additional colors. The most important thing is that the semantic meaning of this tattoo remains important for you, and does not attract the attention of strangers.

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