Forearm men's tattoo- mainstream or dream?

It's a win-win mainstream!

Sketches on this part of the body can be found on almost everyone and this is not surprising. Shoulder and forearm are among the most popular body parts for making a picture. But people have become more responsible to the choice of sketch, we can often see situations in our shop where young man presents us a full concept of the whole half-hand picture, its style, color scheme and other aspects. Tattoos for men on the forearm often grow into a full-fledged brutal sleeve from a small modest picture.

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Find the ready or create a new one?

The variety of half-hand sketches is too big to seek suitable one through all of them. That's why you'd better to seek through the system. For start answer 3 general questions:

1. What size your tattoo should be? Small or not? Easy to hide or usually opened?

2. What forms do you like? What is pleasant for you: animals, lines, something abstract? Just Imagine you're choosing a poster for your room. What's there?

3. What are you inside? Here is better to be honest. Are you simple guy with a wish to do something new or… not?
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Why sleeve is a good choice?

Statistics says that 35% of men's tattoos fall on the forearm area. So, this is not just a hype, but a real experience. And here it does not matter what color your skin is, black or white, you will definitely be able to find a suitable half-hand sketch or even band-picture for yourself.

Here are several reasons why this place is one of the best:

1. Big surface for creativity

2. Area of moderate sensitivity

3. Easy to hide with sleeves if needed

4. At the same time – easy to show

5. The injured area of the skin is quickly restored

But there are also negative sides. Placing even a small tattoo on the forearm, it must be updated more often than a big picture on the back or shoulder blade. This is due to the fact that it is enhanced mechanical action, the action of chemicals and detergents. This part of a hand in the summer is always in the sun (and for men especially), which means that the pigment is subject to more intense burnout.

How to choose the right forearm sketch if it's my first time? Tips for black and white men
There Is a huge variety of opinions for what a sketch must be. Depending on the style, the picture may take any form, from gangster catchy sleeve to minimalist dot picture. You'd better to understand a goal or a main sense of the sketch. Small or quite big size, colored or monochrome, 3D-sketch or something very formal - in any case, it should be the result of a conscious choice.

tattoo las vegas geometry flower

What kinds of half-hand sketch are relevant?

And what kinds do you like?
And of course, then it's possible to create your own cool sketch, special and interesting. But certain kinds of half-hand pictures remain relevant beyond time. Like this:

1. Text with a sense. Some quote that once had an effect on your consciousness, whether it be a line from a favorite song or a "discovery" made by you after long conversations and reflections - can become your small guiding star. (joke – tattoo)

2. Image of animal. Of course, it is usually not about Pets, which you can see every day at home, but about your inner state. For example, a tiger or an eagle on the forearm makes some men more confident.

3. Monochrome minimalism. Strange as it may seem, but with the development of 3D tattooing and all kinds of colored ink - love for black style has not passed. Even more! Due to the spread of the ideology of minimalism nowadays, such forearm drawings have gained even greater popularity.

Of course, there are many other, no less relevant styles. Steampunk, Watercolor, ethnics and other styles are also used. If you doubt what one is right for you, just come Dotty Ginger to be insured.
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Last question…Is it painful?
Not too much!
Fans of collecting tattoos often spend their first experiments in the sleeve area. There are fewer nerve endings, and the process of drawing doesn't cause much pain. The procedure usually does not require anesthesia. Allergy sufferers, and there are many of them, are afraid not so much of pain as of side effects from medications. If you're afraid of making a serious picture one at a time, just start with a small sketch. You can get it done for several sessions.