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How to choose the coolest forearm tattoo for women?

Be yourself!

Women tattoos are a separate type of art that requires close attention and special care while choosing a sketch. Even the most popular kinds (like roses, birds and quotes) can be done so creatively that it would never occur to anyone to accuse you of banality. To do this, you shouldn't be a magician, just decide what the technique for your symbol you like the most. And a professional tattoo artist like Dotty will make your dream come true. But how to understand which symbol suits a girl the most?

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For start. What size of a forearm sketch suits for women the most?

There is a stereotype that it is better for a woman to make a small tattoo, because the girls themselves are usually smaller and thinner than men. However, we are against gender stereotypes. The size of this doesn't depend on the look of a girl, but on her internal condition. If the half-sleeve sketch size responds in your heart with trembling - then you need such one. If you want to get a forearm picture that is easier to cover up, then choose just one side – inner or outer forearm. The forearm is always a wide enough for creativity of a tattoo artist. This is one of the most popular areas. So, don't worry too much about it's size.

Here are some tips for choosing a tattoo:

1. Look at yourself in the mirror and honestly tell yourself how do you feel? Are you a calm housewife striving for comfort? Or maybe someone very strong and independent? Or other?

2. If you doubt your own feelings, ask your three closest people. Let them tell you how they see you. You will either agree with them or you will not agree. This will be the answer to your question.

3. Is your forearm sketch for you firstly or for the others?

These questions will help you determine the style and plot of your picture. Do not get hung up on other people's options, think about yourself.

What designs of the forearms tattoos are the most often chosen by women?

Here everything is not as obvious as expected again. The feminine character is truly a complicated thing. So, it happens that a girl wants a life-affirming and very cute sketch at the same time. And then, for example, a proposal is born to pick flowers (For example, a rose), but with large spikes. The most popular, of course, are the flowers. It is worth to say that women rarely choose as a picture some kind of wild animals, such as a tiger or a wolf. But they often choose owls and dee, respecting the tranquility of these forest animals. But in fact, women are no less decisive than men and often choose the full-fledged plot, not just a symbol. Then it turns out that the outer and inner both sides of the forearm are covered with a symbols, as if the Egyptian column is full of hieroglyphs. By the way, Egyptian hieroglyphs are also an interesting option for a tattoo. However, the variety of sketches is huge.

Special tip on Japanese and Chinese hieroglyphs.

It's not a restriction!
It is better to be careful with this case if you are not a great specialist in Asian languages. Yes, the hieroglyphs look very unusual and attract attention. But often there are situations when a phrase translated using Google-translator is on the girl's hand. And in some time it turns out that this does not mean at all what was originally conceived. So, be careful when choosing Asian symbols, often they are not what they seem. Great if you have a friend - an expert in Asian languages.
Female tattoos with rose - mainstream or not?
Not at all! Everything is ok if the sketch is not stupid.
Flowers (including roses) are very different. Now it's popular to draw colored 3D technique, and ordinary blossom in this technique look unexpectedly cool and unique! Even the most commonplace sketches can turn into an incredible design decision. Even if the picture is made in black and white style, the main thing is that it shouldn't look flat. Indeed, a flat sketch often looks boring and even stupid. Therefore, the main thing for your tattoo master is to give the image the proper volume. It's true that such pictures look cool on the outer side of a hand. On inner one, they do not give any effect. And the rest, blossoms always make a woman sexy and attractive.
tattoo las vegas rose

How to care of a tattoo on the forearm?

Womens half-sleeves tattoos are also subject to external influence, as well as male ones. Especially in the summer, when a women body actively receives sunlight during the bikini season. A sketch may fade in the sun or be damaged by the chemical effects of various skin care products. One way or another, sketches require timely attention and care so that they do not have to be covered up with long-sleeved shirts. If your symbols burns out or suffers from other external influences, Dotty Ginger is always ready to help to give your sketch a second life!