tattoo las vegas Joker

Joker Hand Tattoo - Devil Smile?

The Joker story in connection with the release of a new film caught the hearts of millions of fans. People really love the stories of antiheroes, especially when it eventually turns out that the antihero isn't bad at all. Tattoo artists quickly began to develop new sketch designs for film fans. So, there were a bunch of sketches options on this topic for different parts of the body: from the face to the tips of the fingers. It is interesting to note that people pay great attention to the love of the Joker and Harley Quinn and often prefer to make a couple tattoo with the image of these heroes. In any case, the most common areas for sketch are arms, forearms and chest.
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Where is the best place for the Joker tattoo on a body?

It depends on the plot of your sketch. The most popular is the hand zone. Full-sleeve design or just the forearm is a wide enough area for the picture of Joker's face. In addition, if you apply a couple tattoo, it will be easiest to attach your hands to each other for demonstration. A sketch on the chest can be a continuation of the arm-sketch or a separate image. Some people prefer to get a double tattoo in the form of Joker and Batman fighting side by side. As you understand, the flight of fantasy is not limited. But the wider the zone for a picture, the more interesting plot can be placed on your body.

tattoo las vegas Joker

What Joker tattoos are the most relevant?

We can pick out 5 categories of tattoos the most popular in this topic.

1. The brooding face of the antihero on the forearm. Yes, this is probably the most popular type of sketch. His expression includes melancholy, sadness, anger, hatred and love at the same time.

2. The insidious smile of Joker on your arms. Here can be not only the face of the antihero, but also his suit. The most important thing is to show the smile that the audience loves so much.

3. A couple tattoo of Joker and Harley Quinn on the sleeve zone of partners. These darlings look truly epic next to each other. Are you and your partner the same crazy couple?

4. The sketch on the chest. Here you can find either a small tattoo near your collarbone, or a large-scale sketch with a full storyline from the film.

5. Joker and Batman fighting on your hands. Leave this without comment, it's clear.

Here's a tip from a professional: don't follow someone else's tattoos. Try to create your own! And if it doesn't work out, Dotty is always ready to help!

What style is it better to perform a Joker tattoo in?

Of course, in color. And even better in 3D color. In a black and white design, his portrait will look good also, but in color, according to the painted face of this character in the film, it will impress a lot more. Just the smile of the antihero in color causes a storm of emotions, and if you decide not to be limited to a small sketch, then your tattooed sleeves would impress all the people you meet. Anyway, you'd better to find a quite good tattoo master to make so difficult sketch. Dotty Ginger, by the way, is already among the best ones.