Tattoo ideas for couples – how to cement your endless love?

Matching sketches has become one of the most unusual ways to express young people's fillings who have come to the thought that their love is endless. Such sketches carry an excellent semantic meaning, perpetuating the memory of a person's dear heart. Variety is amazing: from small cute tattoos in a shape of ring or infinity sign for matching pictures in the most intimate places of each partner. All that means it's quite difficult to create something really unique for your couple but now we'll tell you about some tips on how to do it
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The most popular places to make a couple tattoo

  1. Among the most often chosen body parts for making a couple pictures, the first place still takes forearm and hand in general. Hands are the most convenient to match while hug, for example, and other times. So, a variety of such sketches includes boundless ideas.
  2. The next popular place is fingers. Yes, this is most popular among just married couples, but we saw even old people who decided to cement their relationships such way, showing their confidence and trust to each other. Married couples prefer to see tattoo rings on their fingers or infinity sign. Anyway, this is one of the most romantic and cute kinds as a couple's sign.
  3. One more interesting place is chest. Here, pictures often have some hidden semantic meaning. For example, one girl chooses a tattoo in the form of a small closed suitcase made above her heart place. Then her boyfriend makes a key sign on his hand or chest also. So, when partners touch each other, their sketches match too.
  4. Legs are a popular zone too. Especially, we mean heels and ankles. Lover's legs can touch in different places, obviously. But couples choose ankles because these areas can be seen by themselves only.
  5. I would also like to highlight a side of your body as the tattoo location. The body side is considered a pretty intimate place for making any pattern because a picture here can touch each other in the only obvious situation. But, if you trust your partner enough to make such a volume picture, so why not?
There are too many other locations where it's nice to make a tattoo. You can always create your own design, but if you doubt, come Dotty and she'll exactly help you with all your questions.

Some interesting and simple ideas of matching sketches: ring and other designs for couples

As we have already said, fingers matching sketches are a fairly common way of love expressing between partners. There are several reasons: firstly, such tattoos do not take up much space, and therefore making time. Secondly, this place is easy to hide if needed. By the way, some couples hide their small pictures under their real rings. Thirdly, this looks really cute and romantic. So, design variety is huge. We'll check the most interesting examples.

If you're still not married and rings are a way you'd like to use, so, the simple but working idea "lock and key" may suit you. Between partners' fingers, a small hidden sketch of a lock (for one) and a key (for the other) are located. So, when your palms are weaved into each other, these little pictures touch. It's cute! Or, if you don't like using such a wide-spread idea, you'd better create something more original and unique. Dotty can help with this difficult case!

The other interesting matching design for couples is a small common line. You can use any picture in any style, but the only detail will be common – little line. Some people prefer to use the red line as a special their soulmate's symbol. So, these lines will connect when you touch with your hands. It always looks lovely. So, both of you have a special own small sketch and at the same time – you can create it in a common picture.

One more way to cement your filings is to create a design of some volume matching tattoo on your body. This idea requires some courage, but looks wonderful! Once, Dotty made a picture for a couple, who decided on having a common picture of a Japanese dragon on their bodies. So, the dragon had two heads – one for each partner. And, actually, it looked like a full-finished image on each body. But, when they touch, it transforms into a new, much more effect creature.

So, as you see, we can just imagine something unique in our minds – the right tattoo maker can help you to make your dream true!