Simple funny tattoos for guys and girls - how not to look like a fool?

Yes, this question is the most frequent among people who want to have some kind of not too serious sketch (according to other people opinion) on their bodies. A joke in the style of Rick and Morty or even a funny face that changes its expression while movement of the skin on your body - all these are funny tattoo ideas are for guys and girls with an open and cheerful internal energy. And there is nothing wrong with that. Of course, someone may make a complaint to you, such as "You are so many years old and you have made a simple SpongeBob picture???" - but listen: you will never be perfect for all people on the planet, so make a sketch of SpongeBob instead of serious sketches in the form of a growling tiger or Chinese symbols if you like it. In the end, no one dares to tell you that in old age such a tattoo will look stupid, because you will definitely have something to interest your grandchildren in!

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The most popular body parts for funny tattoos

The record holder among the places of making a sketch for guys remains the arm, or rather the forearm. This area meets any style, the sketch here always looks cool. Moreover, its size is not important, because the application area is quite wide. You can make a small tattoo with very simple details, or you can turn the whole hand into a picture - the choice is yours. But this zone in any case remains the main one.

In addition to the hand itself, funny sketches can be placed on the fingers, again using the minimum amount of simple details. For example, in the form of an emoticon, which will open its mouth, if you bend your fingers in the shape of the sign "Ok!".

Another thing is when you want to be even more creative choosing a place and then the flight of your imagination is unlimited by anyone. Here are the ideas we've already met:

1. Tattoo on the receding hairline. Some men begin to grow bald with age, but not everyone dares to approach this problem with ease and self-irony. However, those who does - can, for example, draw a guy with a lawn-mower on his head or a simple small cow chewing grass.

2. Some people prefer to beat some imperfections of their body in the form of funny tattoos. For example, the folds on the stomach turn into the face of a famous cartoon hero, and the birthmark - into a spilled glass of wine.

3. Some people want to appear masters of satire and turn parts of the body into part of a full story. For example, their nave simply becomes one of the small cosmic planets of the stomach-side galaxy.

In general, as you already understood, jokes are interesting ideas, and if a person treats life with ease and irony, then such sketches will definitely suitable.

Funny Celebrity's tattoos

Yes, the guys in Hollywood do not stand still, they also have a cool sense of humor and wit. Some of them have already shown the world their simple and funny sketches on different parts of the body. For example, did you know that Ryan Gosling has a strange "monster arm" sketch on his forearm? Ryan once simply bought a tattoo-machine and decided to experiment. It is probably good that he stopped in time, because the sketch he had planned is more like a cactus (he said so himself).

And Cara Delevingne has a heel tattoo in the shape of the word "bacon". Cara, of course, showed the world many times how much she loves to eat, especially meat, but few people know that she actually put a "monument" to her addiction in the simple form of the word «bacon».

Where to go to create a cool new sketch?

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What style is it better to perform a funny tattoo for guys in?

Most often, funny sketches are performed in the 3D color style. If 3D is not an obligatory item, then the presence of different colors is one of the main ways to demonstrate the meaning of a tattoo. This is especially true if your picture is located on your chest, neck or forearm. Here even the smallest sketches are more visible, which means they should be highlighted in color. Of course, not all the works should be done in color, so first of all it is worth to understand the concept and choose a place of a sketch, and then decide on the style.