Individual sketches in one of the best las vegas tattoo shop

Get a unique tattoo design made by a professional tattoo artist with a degree in art studies.
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You make payment for work, and not for sessions or hours of work. If I need extra time to complete the tattoo, it will be free. I focus on quality above all, not speed (no tattoo parlor will allow itself to be like that, almost every master works for speed)
  • Individual sketch
    Individual sketch
    Not google images
  • Expensive equipment
    Expensive equipment
    Only high quality
  • Smooth, no quivering lines
    Smooth, no quivering lines
  • Cheap price for high-quality tattoo
    High-quality tattoo
    Yes, it's possible and I accept Visa, MasterCard, Discovery (debit and credit). Deposit is $50.
  • I got a degree in art studies and still studying
    I got a degree in art studies and still studying
    I professionally know Photoshop, Illustrator, Rhinoceros, Procreate to create sketches
Our Studio Prices
just match
Our shop
  • The owner is tattoo artist.
  • Professionally digital created sketch
  • Art-educated. Oil canvases 72*36 inch.
  • Regular famous tattoo expos during the year.
  • You have comfortable atmosphere with your friends. No-walkins and another clients.
  • You can watch Netflix HD, Amazon prime or Youtube.
  • HVAC: Thermostat with priority for sensor for booth of a client. New HVAC filters every month.
  • Solid color packing and smoothie shading.
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90% shops
  • Operated by moneymakers, random artists which can do all styles and cover ups without enough experience
  • No education. Some digital sketches on Instagram page.
  • No expos or unknown local expos for awards.
  • 3-5 massage tables in the room with clients + 3 artists if you know what I mean :)
  • You must listen creepy music what like owner.
  • Thermostat in the room where nobody work, too cold too hot.Staff don't know how to replace filters(dust is ok).
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The process of creating a sketch, it is not easy.
First step - the base is created in the program Rhinoceros 3D.
Second step in the program Procreate (iPad).
You get a high quality sketch, as a vector image.
All videos are accelerated (speed up).
I don't use images from Google.
I draw my sketches, you get a unique tattoo design.
visa mastercard discover
I accept Visa, MasterCard, Discover (debit and credit)