Are you dreaming of a tattoo that will make you special? Easy!

Each girl aims to be unique, special. Tattoos are one of the most impressive ways to express yourself. But, having decided to get one, many women doubt the choice of a picture. We know what to pay attention on to make your tattoo creative and memorable.

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How to choose a tattoo for woman?
Here are some advice for choosing a tattoo:
- Pay attention to your hobbies. As a rule, girls often prefer to express their dreams in tattoos. Some choose to wear the face of a famous person, others - a musical instrument that they always dreamed to play. One way or another, a tattoo can express a love for something or someone that is unlikely to ever cease to be topical.

- Define your temperament. What kind of girl are you? Strict and forthright? Then a tattoo with symmetrical lines and geometric shapes is right for you. If you are bright and dreamy inside, then light drawings like colored feathers, stars or splashes of water will suit you. There are many options! But the main thing is to understand who you really are.

- Do you have a talisman? No? So let's create! Think of something that calms you and gives you strength. Maybe this is your symbol?

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Which tattoos do women choose?
Too different. The beauty of women tattoos is that it makes a girl even more unusual and even more memorable. And it's really unnecessary to choose butterflies and dandelions if they don't suit to your inner essence. Want to be cheeky? Be yourself. Want to believe in fairy tales? Believe them. It doesn't matter how others look at you. The main thing is that your tattoo is just you are.
Well, we understand you're still afraid of choosing wrong tattoo, so now it's high time to say that tattoo artist Dotty Ginger is ready to help you with creating a unique sketch. Just come!