If you are in Las Vegas, we are your first and the best place to get a tattoo.

Yes, that sounds arrogantly. But we are not going to belittle our skill level. If you do not believe it, check out our portfolio, where you will find something suitable for your style. Dotty Ginger is always ready to create special designs for you, based on your preferences. So why is Dotty's salon the best place to get a new tattoo near? Let's go in order.

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How to choose a good salon? General tips.

When you come to a new tattoo salon, it is important to pay attention to a few significant details.

  1. Neatness. Yes, it is important. To create a hygienic and comfortable atmosphere, the master must monitor the state of his/her salon. Light, temperature, humidity. Everything should provide comfortable work conditions.
  2. The cleanliness of the tools. if you see dirty tools, open cans of paint and cotton wool scattered across the floor, run from there.
  3. Good lighting over the workplace. Make sure that your artist works with a well-lit surface, it is important not to get unexpected results after his work.
  4. The experience of the master. Browse through the portfolio and see positive customer reviews. This is worth the time.
So, visiting Dotty you may be absolutely sure, that here is one of the best places to get a qualified help with your tattoo in Las Vegas. And now we will analyze some specific situation in detail.

I don't have any picture on my body yet and I don't know how to start.

So, this is your first time. You want to get a sketch that is unlikely to go bad over time. You are still very careful with the choice, so you want to start with a small picture. A good one requires the hands of an experienced master, but you may not have enough money for this. All this brings you to the best place when you can get the first tattoo, because Dotty is experience, creativity and, at the same time, accessibility. Or have you ever seen such artists in Las Vegas who work for 10 bucks?

I already have a tattoo, but I'm looking for a new master.

It is always difficult to gain the trust of new visitors if you have nothing to show them. Therefore, in such cases, we suggest just looking at our portfolio or, even better, make one call and sign up for a meeting with Dotty to personally discuss all the ideas in the best Las Vegas tattoo salon and find a good sketch. You can be calm for our responsible approach. First, a computer model of your picture is always created before, that's how you can visually assess the size of the work, its design and discuss all the necessary details with the master. Therefore, the result in this place is unmistakable.
I've already chosen right artist, why should I go to you?
Should not. We do not force anyone and do not drag by force. But these sketches - are such product that requires constant attention. Sometimes, in order to decide on the choice of a new one, it is better to visit and talk with several good masters, listen to their advice and after that make the right choice. Of course, in Las Vegas there are many places to get a tattoo for girls and guys. But we are sure that if you visit our salon one day, you are unlikely to remain indifferent.
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