What tattoo prices depend on?

If you wonder what Las Vegas tattoo prices are, what makes them bigger or lower and how to predict the price per session – you're on the right page.

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How to calculate the price in a tattoo shop?

Take into account the following things:

  • The difficulty of the design – there's a difference between a little flower and a "sleeve" made of various pictures.
  • The place of application – there are more tender places that require a more careful approach.
  • The size of the tattoo – the bigger, the more expensive it is.

Where to save more money?

If you're looking for the most cost-efficient Vegas tattoo prices, you've found it. Dotty Ginger creates the designs with a great price-quality relationship. By choosing Dotty, you choose expensive equipment, smooth lines and ideal disinfection.

What are examples of the prices?

You can always get a design suitable for your budget by filling in a convenient form on the website. Dotty will call you and discuss the details.
  • Skull Design (unique design) 6*8 inch – $349.
  • Geometric Flower (unique design) 3.5*4 inch – $199.
  • Flowers (unique design) forearm – $299.
  • Tiny-sized (variable price) 1.5*1.5 inch – $79.
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